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Greetings, kindred souls! I am Merlí, a Galah Cockatoo with a tale to share. Once, I dwelled in a magical forest alongside my dear wizard friend, who recently retired from the arcane arts. Inspired by his wisdom, I embraced the craft of dice-making, ensuring that magic lives on in his absence. Now, my humble shop has taken flight to the wondrous shores of Barcelona, where the sea's whispers inspire my creations.


Allow me to introduce Xènia, my trusted assistant, and the true mastermind behind our work (shh, let's keep that between us). With my feathered wings, I strive to match the skill of my wizard companion. Oh, the challenges I face, for crafting dice is no easy feat for a bird of flight! Yet, with each day, I inch closer to mastering the art, guided by the memory of my mentor's enchanting prowess. Join us on this whimsical journey through dice and jewelry. Together, we shall weave a tapestry of delight, inspired by the realms of Dungeons and Dragons.


With every creation, we honor the legacy of my wizard friend and invite you to partake in the magic that dances within each piece. Let us forge our own adventures, and may the dice roll ever in your favor! 

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